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DBV-Technologies – making the world a safer place for our children

All parents worry about their children’s welfare, but how many think about possible allergies that may be affecting their kids? On the DBV Technologies website you can read all about this Paris-based medical research company’s efforts to make children safer by developing anti-allergy patches called Viaskin.

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Pour en savoir plus sur les traitements des allergies, connectez-vous sur

On a tous une personne plus ou moins proche qui souffre d’une allergie plus ou moins grave. Certaines sont faciles à gérer au quotidien, d’autres peuvent représenter un véritable handicap. Il existe aujourd’hui des innovations qui permettent de lutter de façon plus efficace contre les allergies en ciblant les cellules […]

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DBV-Technologies – thinking big about food allergy treatment!

Sometimes solutions to big problems come in small packages, and this could well be the case for DBV-Technologies’ Viaskin® patch. The company’s website provides a fascinating window onto the development of this exciting new technology, which is being developed in three main areas – peanut allergy, house dust mite […]

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