Airgetintouch – making your voice heard amidst the aerospace industry hubbub

For a fiercely competitive market such as the aerospace industry, a website like represents a real find. It’s not just a place to promote your services and advertise for business – although you can do that. More importantly, it’s a website where you can work together with companies across the industry to your mutal benefit. Airgetintouch is about creating synergies and adding value, as well as finding customers and suppliers. That’s why there’s a specific page dedicated to how clusters can help your company increase its market penetration and turnover.

Airgetintouch is the perfect platform to advertise products such as flight planning software


Firms registered on the site each have their own specific page, containing general information, a fact sheet and analysis and contact details. To access all of this information you will need to become a registered member.

The site is divided into two main sections, aviation and space, for instance, you can see here to find out more about private aerospace companies. These sections are then further broken down into subcategories like components, design, materials, applications and services and flight planning software. For more information on this latter specialization, just click on the icon below.